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A Template and Skin plugin to create an RSS Link and export the item with all of its comments as a RSS File. Cooperates with Trackback, might work without but untested.

General Plugin info
Author: Appie Verschoor -=xiffy=-, Edmond Hui (admun)
Current Version: 0.93b
Download: -
Code: code (latest 0.93b)
Demo: -
Forum Thread: Forum Thread

How to use the plugin

This plugin is designed to export just one item as an RSS feed. It's a template plugin that adds a link to an item for an rss version of only that item, including the comments and trackbacks to that item. So anyone who joins the discussion on your website can follow that discussion in his favorite rss reader. (Counter / visitor unfriendly i know, but very user friendly for weblog junkies who follow a lot of websites) Of course i've got this one installed at my site, since this was a feature i wanted myself and decided to give myself a treat. And now he's there, the new and improved plugin.

Features, exports an excerpt of the item, the complete comments, and all trackbacks for that item. By request, the plugin is bandwith friendly. if no new comments or trackbacks are available, then only a very very small file will be send. I tested this in feedreader, awasu, feeddemon, xulchannels and my own aggregator, they all understood what was going on.


  • There are two options that come with this plugin: the link option. Here you define what will be displayed between the <a …..>OPTION GOES HERE</a> you are free to put an image (xml-icon for instance) or text.
  • The second option is a bit less obvious since you don't see it right away, you need a real rss reader for that. But it's the site-logo that gets exported in the rss stream. (defaults to the nucleus logo)

Tips and Tricks

Special note for the beta testers, you need to uninstall and install the plugin, since there is one option extra plus an administration table to see if the full or small xml file needs to be exported. Comments / Questions?


How can I use this plugin within my template/skin? Right now I don't know which code/variable I need to use, so that my user are able to click on such a image besides my item enabling them to read the item with a rss reader. Please help me. -ea (
Anwser: Just put the variable <%RSSItem%> anywhere in your (detailed-)template! -ea ( :)

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