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Versions before 0.95 have serious security vulnerabilities for sites with the PHP setting register_globals turned on. This is a rare configuration in hosted systems, but you should upgrade to 0.95 immediately.

This plugin is no longer being maintained by its authors. The nucleus development team will occasionally perform security fixes when made aware, but no feature/function enhancements are planned. It is effectively being deprecated.

A Nucleus-native image gallery.

General Plugin info
Author: John Bradshaw, Gene Cambridge Tsai
Current Version: 0.95
Download: v0.95
Code: -
Demo: -
Forum Thread: NP_Gallery -> part 8


  • Controllable from Nucleus Admin Area
  • Fully template driven, CSS tableless output
  • Automatic thumbnail creation using GD or Imagemagick
  • Extends nucleus plugin API
  • Compatible with captcha plugin
  • Compatible with fancyurls
  • Use keywords to assign pictures to sets, dynamically display the sets on your blog
  • Ability to create 'hover tooltips,' drawing boxes naming them
  • Massupload via FTP - infinite uploads
  • Javascript Slideshows
  • Public/Private albums, team members.


Latest versions here:



Most recent installation instructions can be found in the help.html file

Also, please see for detailed installation instructions and usage of advanced features.

Detailed Installation Instructions

Written by Leng Lui

  1. The first step is to download the .zip pack from sircambridge's site. Unzip everthing and upload it to your /nucleus/plugins/ directory.
  2. Next, install the plugin in the normal fashion through your Nucleus admin area.
  3. Create a directory called /upload/ in your root directory (where you installed Nucleus). This will be used for mass uploading pictures.
  4. Go to your Nucleus admin area again. Click on “Skins”. Scroll down to the skin you're currently using for your site (e.g. default) and click “Clone” (it's next to “Edit”).
  5. You should now have a skin called “cloneddefault” in your list of existing skins. Click on the “Main Index” link for this skin to edit the Main Index skin part.
  6. Delete everything content related in cloneddefault (e.g. <%blog%> vars, etc), but leave things like <%parsedinclude(> and <%parsedinclude(> so your gallery page will look like the rest of your site. Unless you want it to look completely different of course.
  7. Put the single var <%gallery%> in your skin where <%blog%> used to be. Update the skin to save your changes.
  8. Repeat step 6 for every other skin part (Item, Member, Archive, Search, etc), but completely remove all code to completely delete them. You won't need them for NP_Gallery. Save your changes.
  9. By now you should have a skin called cloneddefault with only the Main Index skin part. Click on “Edit” to rename the skin to NPGallery.
  10. Now you need to insert a link to your gallery from your main skin. Put the following code somewhere to create a link to your gallery:
<a href="<%gallery(link)%>">Gallery</a>

That's pretty much all there is. From there, it's customizing Gallery to look exactly how you want which is another story in itself.


INSTALLATION : 1. just unzip into nucleus/plugins and install from the plugin page, goto plugins>NP_Gallery>admin>configure to configure the gallery, and 'edit options' to enable options.

UPGRADE: 1.make sure “delete tables” in the options is set to “no”. (if the option isint there, dont worry, your data wont be lost) 2.uninstall 3.unzip,overwrite and reinstall (table updates) 4.make sure you choose the newest template version

How to use the plugin

[Please describe how your plugins works and how users can use it]

Available SkinVars and/or TemplateVars

  1. <%gallery(keywords,dogs,desc)%>will insert thumbnails of all the pictures with the keyword “dogs” tagged on it.
  2. <%gallery(link,picture/album,###)%> will create a link to an album or picture


These options are in the admin configuration area : Add Album permission levels, Minutes between unique views,number of batch upload slots/pictures to loop in massupload, Max Intermediate picture dimensions (h x w),Thumbnail dimensions (h x w), Number of comments per page (in admin area): Number of thumbnails per page (album view), random file prefix or current date as file prefix, use tooltip captions, use next and previous album thumbnails,default order for albums, use keyword sets or static promoposts, enable slideshows, Gallery as list or thumbnails:


AJAX tagging for keywords and sets.



  • 0.95 06-10-2010 (security fix only)
    • remote-code injection vulnerabilities fixed
    • SQL-injection vulnerabilities fixed
  • 0.94 1-28-2006
    • css fixes : thumbnail layout problems solved (css auto import)
    • album teams/ public albums.
    • consolidated admin configutation
    • massupload script :image counts,progress reports.
    • fixed the duplicate keys in gallery_views problem. (hopefully)
    • choice of album list in thumbnail view or list view
    • made the number of images per batch massupload a setting
  • 0.93 11-20-2005
    • massupload script completely rewritten - infinite uploads ,shows progress
    • javascript based slideshows (enabled in 'edit options')
    • ability to use keywords to assign pictures to “sets” and
    • display “sets” of thumbnails into your blog
    • updated FAQ.html and help.html
    • bugfixes and restructuring (hopefully didnt introduce new bugs)
    • expanded description field size-64 thousand characters.
  • v0.84 8-1-2005
    • option for random characters as a prefix, or the date as prefix.
    • IPTC metadata for image captions(picasa exports only)
    • hover image captions inspired by
  • v0.8 6-14-2005
    • changed location of add_picture (now in /gallery folder)
    • comments can be edited and deleted in the admin area
    • rethumb by album
    • album pages with new templatevar: <%pages%>
    • configuration options: AdminCommentsPerPage, ThumbnailsPerPage
    • plugin works with fancy urls now
    • massupload import (implemented in admin functions)
    • picasa import (alpha)
    • fixed np_gallerymostviewed bugs
  • v0.77 5-4-2005
    • New plugin hook: NPgCollectionDisplay
    • Included plugin NP_GalleryMostViewed
    • absolute filenames
    • <%breadcrumb%> now allows custom separator: <%breadcrumb(separator)%>
    • bug fixes
  • v0.76 4-12-2005
    • comment system works with np_captcha plugin
    • new templatevars:
      • <%albumdescription%> and <%picturedescription%> in album view
      • <%if(next)%>, <%if(prev)%>, <%description%> in picture view
      • <%if(commentsallowed)%> in picture view
      • <%albumthumbnail%> in gallery list view
    • album option for thumbnail
    • album option for comments allowed or not
    • plugin hooks: NPgPrePicture, NPgPostAddPicture, NPgPostUpdatePicture, NPgPostDeletePicture, NPgAddPictureFormExtras, NPgEditPictureFormExtras
    • new default templates
    • pictures are now prefixed by a random string
  • v0.75 4-6-2005
    • update procedure (no need to uninstall)
    • comment system
    • multiple templates
    • internationalization process started
    • number of views tracked per picture
    • vertical centering of thumbnails
  • v0.61 alpha 3-22-2005
    • changes made in this release require uninstall/reinstall
    • added title template var – displays title under thumbnail by default
    • updated default css class: ul.thumbnail li (see above for change)
    • fixed message after adding promo post
    • fixed sql error when adding pictures
    • when deleting a picture, there is an option to delete promo post associated with the picture
    • number of picture upload slots is now an option in the admin area
    • removed reference to a file in album_class.php that was triggering open_basedir problems
    • added allowable tag to item body: <%gallery(link,picture|album,#)%>
    • added cancel promo post
    • promo post now uses bookmarklet.php edititem form
    • fixed another bug with the rethumb function – now works (on my system) with gd or imagemagick

Plugin Review

NP_Gallery version 0.94 works with Nucleus CMS version 3.31 (but I have ignored some MySQL error messages that came from the plugin) - 2007-11-04 kg

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