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NP_BlogWithOffset, NP_PageLinkList and NP_OffsetEntriesLinks are deprecated. Please try NP_ShowBlogs


This plugin create a link to previous and next page of the page.

General Plugin info
Current Version: v1.3a
Download: n/a
Code: click here
Demo: n/a
Forum Thread: forum here


  1. Copy the code above and save to NP_OffsetEntriesLink.php
  2. Upload to plugin directory
  3. Install from plugin admin menu
  4. Add skinvar ”<%Plugin(OffsetEntriesLink,5,+,next)%>” for previous link and ”<%Plugin(OffsetEntriesLink,5,-,prev)%>” for next link. They should be inserted into the skin's Main Index part after ”<%Plugin(BlogWithOffset,…..)%>”

Available SkinVars and/or TemplateVars

The skinvar can be used in such a way: <%Plugin(OffsetEntriesLink,x,+,linkstring)%>

  • x is number of entries to skip,
  • +/- is the direction of the link jumps to (+ == future, - == past)
  • linkstring is the label to show


  • v1.3a
    • add plugin dependancy check
  • v1.3
    • fix $blogurl bug
  • v1.2
    • support for SqlTablePrefix
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